Anodizer Kit [EU & UK model 220-240VAC]

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The Anodizer your studio needs, including training and expert support!

NEW EU & UK 220-240V version

*Ships from France or Spain*

What's in the box?

  1. Two sets of color coded leads

  2. Niobium tipped mini grabber anode

  3. Starter cathode bath and electrolyte

  4. Mesh basket

This anodizer kit also includes:

  • Full instructions & support (PDF Download, private forum membership and online training)

  • Support and membership to our private training group full of information videos, photos, expert user advice and inspiration is included!

  • Anodizing is Awesome class, LIVE online one-on-one instructional course all about anodizing body jewelry. Approximately one hour available by Skype video or telephone.

  • In addition, Brian Skellie's body art specific instruction, tips and tricks gathered over two decades of experience to color and passivate titanium and niobium body jewelry with safe and artistic effects.

  • The power to create scintillating colors, run larger baths and precise control.

  • It is the right power supply for both one of a kind and production anodizing of body jewelry.

    • Full digital voltage and amperage meters. 0 to 120 Volts and 1 Amp.

    • Surface Mount Technology for years of stable use.

    • Extremely fine controls for more color options, and more precision.

  • Anodizing titanium parts such as jewelry before sterilization and wear renders the surface smoother and passive.

    • The anodization process removes microscopic particulate matter that would otherwise be missed by acid or alkaline cleaning, solvents, steam and ultrasonic methods. [*Reference - ASTM F-86 standard method for surface finish and passivation]

  • Come to a presentation, or contact us for more information

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