Aquastat Distiller

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Aquastat flash vaporization water distiller

  • Novo com garantia de uma plena fabricante ano.

  • Esqueça sobre a compra de água destilada caro.

  • Faça o seu próprio a partir de qualquer água da torneira, mesmo primavera fontes alimentado!

  • Tornar a água potável pura com os filtros de carvão ativado (disponível separadamente)

  • Faz pura destilada que podem perfeitamente preencher qualquer NO LOCAL esterilizador.

Accessories and Parts Available

Peso: 4.5 kg (10 lb.)
dimensões: 40.6 X 24.5 X 38.4 cm (L x W x H)
(16 X 9 5/8 X 15 1/8”)

A new wave breakthrough provides clean, fresh water

Protect your equipment by using only clean distilled water in your practice. SciCan’s AQUASTAT distiller allows you to forget about buying expensive bottled water or risking damage to your equipment from poor quality distilled water. A patented energy saving design with unique distillation technology kills harmful bacteria and viruses by vaporizing water and then reconstituting it through condensation. The result is water that’s 99% free of most contaminants.
AQUASTAT processes soft or hard water from any source including those that are spring fed or municipally piped.
Simply plug it in, fill with tap water and switch on.
With its energy efficient technology, AQUASTAT purifies 3.78 litros (1 gallon) of water in just 4.25 horas. Combine this fast process with a compact, light-weight design that doesn’t require any special plumbing or wiring – and you’ll have all the fresh water you need.
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